Information about Window Energy Ratings.

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Homeowner Advice

Look through most double glazing brochures and you will see references to Window Energy ratings. Window Energy Ratings are part of current building regulations.
For windows and doors this means that since the original non insulated windows using simple panes of glass with an air space in between things have advanced significantly.

Modern PVCu, aluminium and timber windows all have energy efficiency as part of their design. Frame profiles feature sophisticated insulation such as thermal breaks, polyamide spacer bars, multi chamber profiles and much more. All of these are designed to minimise the heat loss through the window.

What about the glass?

Window Energy Ratings are now part of current Building Regulations.

Window Energy Ratings are now part of current Building Regulations.

It is important to remember that in any window or door the glass is the key component. As most of the heat loss is out of the glass, technology today brings us far more sophisticated double glazed units than before.
It is the modern coatings, gas fills, warm edge spacer bars and other methods used in the production of today’s glass sealed units that all contribute to the overall performance of a window or door.
So what are the benefits of energy efficient windows?
You must be aware that a window can only perform as well as the structure it is fitted into. If you have a property with no wall or loft insulation or generally an energy inefficient home, double glazing alone won’t provide all the solutions.
But combined with other measures around the home double glazing will:

  • Reduce the level of condensation but won’t completely eliminate it.
  • Provide a quieter more comfortable environment
  • Provide you with more secure windows with the advances in locking technology.

What about all the various energy ratings?

Energy ratings vary from product to product but this does not mean a B rated window should not be considered in favour of an A rated window. Much of the window industry will extol the virtues of an A+ or A++ window but does this mean other windows with lesser ratings are unsuitable? There is much more to energy rated windows than simple statistics and the right window will depend upon your home, particular requirements and budget.
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