The advantages of powder coated aluminium windows.

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Capital Windows have been manufacturing aluminium windows for over 30 years.  This means we have a huge amount of knowledge and experience as products, hardware and of course coating technology have all changed during this time.  As one of the earliest manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors, we have provided a wide range of different products to all sorts of homes and commercial buildings as well.
Of course we are also very proficient at PVCu windows which are a great and affordable new for old window replacement.  However if you are unsure about powder coated aluminium windows we offer some general information and advice.

What is a powder coated aluminium window?

Modern powder coated aluminium windows are available in a huge choice of colours, textures and shades.

Modern powder coated aluminium windows are available in a huge choice of colours, textures and shades.

A powder coated aluminium window refers to the colouring or finishing process.  It uses polyester powder that is today available in hundreds of different colours, textures and shades.  The typical aluminium window, before it is made will go through a variety of cleaning and pre-treatment processes before the polyester powder is applied to create the final coloured window.
In simple terms, after the aluminium bars have been cleaned and pretreated through a variety of processes, it will be coloured by putting in as special booth.  Here the aluminium extrusions will have an electrical charge applied to them and the powder will be sprayed onto the aluminium.  This charge helps the powder adhere to the aluminium surface.  After this process the bars are placed in special ovens that cure the paint.

Why consider powder coated windows?

Compare any PVCu and aluminium window side by side and you will quickly notice the difference in colour sheen and how the aluminium window appears to have a much deeper and richer colour – even in white.
What you may not know is just how many different ways there are of colouring aluminium windows and doors.  Today you can choose from over  200  colours. Choice is further extended when many of these colours are also available as gloss, satin or matt as well.
But powder coating technology does not just create standard plain colours.  No matter what kind of appearance you are looking for, quite likely you will find it in powder coated windows.  Today they are available as dual colour windows, metallic windows, wood effect windows, textured paint finishes and much more.
The coating technology applied to aluminium windows offers several advantages.  Unlike foils that are applied to some PVCu windows, aluminium powder coating can coat every surface of the window even the invisible ones.  Foils are often limited by how much of the profile they can coat.  This is why if you open a typical woodgrain or foiled coloured pvcu window you will often see bare profile inside.
Powder coated windows can also:

  • Provide protection in exposed or city centre environments
  • Are ideal for doors and windows in coastal locations with a lot of salt in the air
  • Are widely used in other chlorine or harsh environments where added protection is required.
  • Guarantees of 15, 25 or even 40 years are possible with powder coated windows.

So even if you require standard white gloss windows or dual colour windows in the latest colours, powder coated aluminium windows offer solutions in not just colour but durability and weather protection.