Advantages of aluminium lift and slide patio doors

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Homeowner Advice

Lift and slide patio doors are an excellent product to consider in the home. You may already be familiar with sliding patio doors or inline sliding doors but what is a lift and slide door and ho

w is it better?

A lift and slide patio door made of thermally efficient, slim strong aluminium can offer many advantages in the home. Whether you’re looking to replace your old sliding doors or extending your home lift and slide patio doors offer great solutions.

Latest generation advanced sliding doors.


Whether a standard patio door or a lift and slide patio door, these have advantages over bifolding doors or French Doors. All types of door products are secure, thermally efficient and long lasting but what are the benefits of a lift and slide patio door?

Larger Glass Panels and a better view.

Lift and slide patio doors can in every case accept far larger glass panels than other types of doors. With some systems this means sliding panels of up to three metres wide and equally as tall.
If you’re therefore looking to create a large glazed extension and want to make the most of your view, sliding doors are ideal.
Unlike bifolding doors these offer less aluminium sight line, bigger glass area and much more light.

Lift and Slide doors offer seamless operation.

Lift and slide patio doors come with advanced gearing and hardware. This means that even the heaviest doors are remarkably easy to lift, slide and close.
Our doors feature advanced roller mechanisms and top quality door mechanisms that make opening and closing them a breeze. Even in the lift mode these large panels effortlessly come away from the frame to provide ventilation and open up your view.

Lift and Slide Patio doors save space.

For smaller properties, a lift and slide patio door can save space. The sliding action of the doors means there is no hinged or folding mechanism like a swing door or a folding door.
At the same time lift and slide doors can provide security in the open position when tilted back for ventilation. This offers a more useful and secure feature than a French Door or bifolding door.
Therefore if you are limited on space, a sliding door can offer benefits compared to other types of doors. For balconies, small patios or terraces they are ideal.

Other features of Lift and Slide Patio Doors.

At Capital Windows we offer the class leading Reynaers CP130 Lift and Slide aluminium patio door. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to create a panoramic door in their home. Fitted with advanced gearing, lifting mechanisms and highly secure locking, it is the very latest in modern sliding doors. And even the heaviest doors can be operated with ease.

  • Advanced hardware lift the sliding panels with minimal effort.
  • High quality rollers provide a durable door
  • Highly secure and tested to the latest standards.
  • Extensively tested for air, wind and water penetration
  • Motorised operation available as well.
  • Integrates with windows and doors for a complete home solution.

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As with all our aluminium products, we offer these in a huge choice of polyester powder coated finishes, metallic effect colours, anodised shades and dual colour finishes.
All are expertly manufactured in our state of the art factory by our skilled fabricators and installed by our trained installers.
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