The Advantages of Aluminium Windows

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Resource Centre

Aluminium windows have gained huge popularity in recent years.  Many homeowners are already moving away from the perception that replacement windows are best done in PVCu.  Gone are the old perceptions of aluminium windows.  Negative perceptions such as windows are only available in silver or white with hardwood subframes, prone to condensation and security issues are no longer valid.

Aluminium WindowsAluminium  door and window products now benefit from the very best that double glazing has to offer such as excellent security, inherent strength, slim lines, and great window energy ratings.

Why discerning homeowners and designers prefer aluminium

Look at recent developments of flats and apartments, grand designs type homes and the move to modern and contemporary extensions and home renovations and you will see aluminium doors and windows installed.
Aluminium is now the preferred choice for a host of benefits and advantages. Whilst PVCu windows do have their place and are the most cost effective solution when it comes to replacement or new windows, for those seeking something more aluminium cannot be beaten.  What are the advantages of aluminium windows?

Slim lines with inherent strength.

It is accepted by professional window companies, architects and the quality sector in home improvements that aluminium windows combine all the benefits of PVCu windows but in a much slimmer window or door.  For bifolding doors in particular you will notice that aluminium doors are much slimmer, benefit from more discreet hardware and let in far more light.

Aluminium Windows can be made larger

The slim lines and strength of aluminium enable the creation of much larger windows and doors.  Where many PVCu systems rely on toplights and sidelights to meet the requirements of large structural openings, aluminium windows can be made larger and taller than their PVCu counterparts.  It is now commonplace for quality aluminium systems to enable door leaves at 1200mm wide, sliding doors at 3000mm high and the creation of panoramic glass screens.

Aluminium Windows and doors offer improved finish and colour choice.

Powder coating has been used in the finishing of architectural, commercial and residential aluminium products for over forty years.  Now the preferred choice of finishing and colouring aluminium powder coating brings many advantages.
It is far more durable than foils, wet paints and other types of paint processes and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.  For example installations in heavy duty environments, such as city centre, coastal, chlorine or exposed installations can be specified with specific powder coating guarantees to ensure windows and doors in these types of environments last longer and perform better.
With 15 or 20 year guarantees offered as standard, there are even specialist paint guarantees that can provide protection for windows and doors for forty years.

Aluminium windows are not mass produced.

One of the cost advantages of PVCu windows is how easy they are to make and in huge quantities.  Whilst aluminium window manufacturing also benefits from modern machinery and processes, the crafting of aluminium windows remains very much by hand.  Traditional mitres and techniques found in joinery are also found in aluminium windows meaning you can enjoy a top quality product that is still produced and assembled by hand.

Let Capital Windows help you sell more aluminium.

As one of the longest established aluminium manufacturers and suppliers, we know aluminium!  We can help you choose the right product to offer your own local market, explain how you can sell aluminium better and increase your sales.  Unlike other trade suppliers we are not tied to just one product and can therefore help you source the right product for your local installations and target market.
If you would like further information about the advantages of powder coated aluminium windows, please contact us.