Are aluminium windows and doors secure?

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Aluminium windows and doors have gained in popularity due to their contemporary, slimline aesthetics providing a larger glazing area.  Today’s modern aluminium windows and doors are inherently strong and purposely designed to suit both modern and heritage style properties.  But when it comes to security, are aluminium window and doors secure?

Security by design

Aluminium is an exceptionally strong material. But when combined with market-leading locks, handles and hinges, it means your home and loved ones are safe and secure.

But this strength brings other advantages too. Aluminium isn’t affected by changes in temperature in the way wood and PVC-U are. It means aluminium windows won’t flex, twist, expand or contract, no matter how high or low the temperature gets. But apart from that, this stability helps give them a longer lifespan than alternative materials, so you’ll be making a wise investment.

From a security aspect, aluminium windows and doors are some of the best-rated products on the market today. Even if they are struck or attacked repeatedly, the frames won’t crack and it’s near impossible to cut or saw through them.

Without compromise

We know the importance of security to you and your family.  This is why all of our aluminium windows and doors either meet or exceed the latest

industry standards for security and testing. It’s a further level of reassurance for your peace of mind.

By law, aluminium windows and doors need to meet certain security standards.  This includes PAS24:2016 certification. PAS24:2016 is a standard of testing to measure the security performance of windows and doorsets to ensure they can resist a level of attack from an opportunist burglar. As a responsible PAS24:2016 manufacturer, all of our aluminium windows and door products meet or exceed this standard.

For a further level of security, all of our aluminium windows and doors use multipoint locking hardware giving you the best in door and window security.   Every product is precision manufactured and finished by hand with the latest high-security locking systems.

All the hardware fixings we use are chosen to resist corrosion so there are never any weak points. Multi-point locks and purpose designed hinges have been precision engineered to perform consistently every single time, year on year and internal beading removes the traditional area of weakness for aluminium windows and doors.  It’s why all our aluminium windows and doors are backed by a 10-year product guarantee.

The Capital Windows difference

Here at Capital Windowswe offer an extensive range of the next generation of aluminium windows, entrance doors, patio doors and bifolding doors.

All products are precision manufactured with enhanced security features to add value and peace of mind for your home.

We have been a specialist designer, supplier and installer of the latest generation, innovative and technologically advanced aluminium window and doors for over 40 years. It means you can trust our knowledge and experience.

We also manufacture all our aluminium window and doors in our own factory in Uxbridge in Middlesex, to give us complete control over the quality and security of the windows and doors we install.

So, if you’re thinking of having high-security aluminium windows and doors fitted in your home, we’re always the right choice.