Buyers Guide to Bifold Doors

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Bifold doors have grown in popularity over the last few years and are a fantastic lifestyle choice. Once considered an architectural statement for high-end contemporary homes, bifold doors are suitable for all housing styles and allow more natural light into your property than any other door style.

At their heart, bifold doors not only help to deliver light-filled spaces, but they effortlessly blur the lines between your inside and outside space. This house-to-garden connection is superb in warm summer months when the doors can be fully or partially opened to enjoy one seamless space. But in dark winter months, the doors can bring in much needed light to maximise any natural light flow while protecting your home from the harshest winter elements.

Essentially, bifold doors are made up of multiple glass door leaves which neatly fold back on themselves to open up an entire door aperture.  For them to work effortlessly, they are fitted on runners and when opened, they simply slide and fold together in one seamless operation.

While it is easy to see the appeal of bifold doors, there are some elements you need to consider before installing them into your home. In this guide to bifold doors, we will discuss the key considerations for you to make an informed choice that’s right for you and your home.

Material Choice:

The best material choice for bifold doors is aluminium and our Evoke Bifold Doors tick all the boxes. By design, our Evoke Bifold Doors offer super-slim profiles which makes the most of the glass area and delivers a light, airy and clean aesthetic. And because aluminium is inherently strong, our Evoke Bifold Doors allows you to have sashes up the three metres wide which is ideal for wider openings.

Beautiful door aesthetics:

Our Evoke Bifold Doors are perfect for any home and are available in a choice of colours to suit your décor and desired taste. They are very flexible in terms of their configuration

too. For example, the panels can fold in or out and you can choose whether the main opening panel sits on the left, the right or in the middle.

Evoke Bifold doors

Security matters:

Like any door, the security of your bifold door is a major consideration and you will be pleased to know the security credentials of our Evoke Bifold Doors delivers on every aspect.

Our Evoke Bifold Doors use high-quality multipoint locking as standard which assures exceptional security with Class 2 Burglar resistance. They are PAS24:2016 compliant which means the doors have passed the enhanced security standard which covers the performance and test requirements of enhanced security door sets.

The doors also offer strong energy efficiency with U-Values as low as 1.4W/m2K with double glazed units and 0.9 W/m2K with triple glazing. U-Values is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure divided by the difference in temperature across that structure. The units of measurement are W/m²K. The better-insulated a structure is, the lower the U-value will be.

Our Evoke Bifold Doors meets and exceeds the new Part L requirements for thermal efficiency. Part L is a Building Regulation that relates to energy efficiency.

Working with the experts:

Bifold doors involve complex operating mechanisms that need to be manufactured and fitted carefully for years of trouble-free use.  Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier with a strong track record so you can be sure you’ll have a high-quality door installation.

Our Evoke Bifold Doors are custom manufactured to ensure years of trouble-free operation. As an experienced bifold door manufacturer you’ll be getting superior bifold doors, expertly manufactured which offer outstanding aesthetics and superb energy efficiency.

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