Choosing the right colour for your aluminium windows?

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

If designer style and strong aesthetics are important to you, you’re probably looking at aluminium windows for your home.  And you aren’t alone. More and more homeowners are turning to aluminium windows because they offer the understated style and elegance they’re looking for.

From contemporary homes, to traditional properties, aluminium windows are now a popular choice for homes across the UK. What was once the default material for commercial or architectural-design buildings has now become a very popular choice with consumers too.

One of the most exciting things about aluminium windows are the colour options. There are a number of stand and non-standard colours, but if you want a bespoke colour, that’s an option too.

In this article we will discuss choosing the right colour for your aluminium windows.

A wealth of choice

Colour can make a huge difference when it comes to your windows. From today’s modern contemporary colours to stand out hues, the choice of colours available for aluminium windows is extensive.

On our Evoke range of high-quality aluminium windows, there are many colour options.

We offer a standard colour range which includes Signal White, Anthracite Grey and Anthracite Grey on White.  These are the most popular colours when it comes to aluminium windows and deliver modern styling at every level.  We also offer Cream, Agate Grey, Slate Grey, Chocolate Brown and Anthracite Grey on a textured finish. These colours are on a slightly longer lead times but offer a range of colour hues to blend in, or stand out.

If you want something totally different, then aluminium windows are available in any RAL colours. RAL is a European colour matching system which defines colours for paint and coatings – similar to when you purchase paints for your home décor.

On a standard RAL chart, there are 2,530 RAL colours – so there is quite a few to choose from!  However, remember your windows are an investment purchase and therefore you want to get maximum return and longevity. As such, we would always suggest you choose a colour with care as picking a strong statement colour today may be an expensive choice tomorrow.

Desired Home Aesthetics

When choosing your window shade, you need to think of the appearance on your home.  Do you want a bold statement or do you want to subtly blend in with your property?  Also, considering the age and style of your property is important. Traditional redbrick homes tend to suit more neutral tones, while modern built houses may look best with contemporary-grey shades.

Dark or Light

Black and White windows are always a popular choice. Both options offer timeless appeal and can suit all properties. Darker frames can look very elegant and make a statement, particular against lighter colour houses. Whereas lighter frames can make a house look brighter with a crisp clean appearance.

And don’t forget, whatever colour you have on the external window frame, you can always have another colour on the internal frame to suit your décor; with white being the most chosen option for internal frames.


Checking Your Surroundings

From your neighbours to your home location, a good indication of the best coloured frames can often be seen nearer home.  Have your neighbours gone for traditional soft hues, or have they made a strong statement. Do you live in a pretty timeless village where the colour palette is soft and natural, or do you live in a new urban environment where strong statement colours look fresh? Your surroundings always offer a clue to the best colour palette to look at.

A Perfect Finish

Whatever colour option you choose, all of our coloured windows are finished with a tough, polyester powder coating.

All of our Evoke aluminium windows are finished with a polyester powder coating which has been certified to the Qualicoat standard, which surpasses European requirements.  We can also supply special marine grade finishes should you live in more challenging environments such as homes in a coastal region.

All finishes are virtually maintenance free.  All you need to do is give them an occasional wipe down to remove surface dirt.

Working With The Experts

Here at Capital Windows, we offer a range of aluminium windows so you’ll have a choice no matter what your style, home or budget. And our dedicated team can work with you to find the perfect colour for your windows.

Whichever aluminium windows you choose, in whatever colour, they will be precision-made to order at our manufacturing facility in Uxbridge and fitted by our team of experts. So, if you’re choosing coloured aluminium windows for your home, it makes good sense to choose an aluminium window specialist – Capital Windows.