Comparing Reynaers Bifolding Doors with AluK and Smarts

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Resource Centre

AluK and Smarts bifolding doors are arguably the most common bifolding doors you can buy. They are splendid bifolding door systems. Otherwise, they would not be so popular. However, with popular systems come inevitable problems with oversupply and increased competition.

What is the better bifolding door? Reynaers, AluK or Smarts?

If you and your competition all offer AuK and Smarts, offer a quality service and an excellent installation, are you finding it harder to sell bifolding doors?  Our Reynaers contemporary bifolding doors may help you provide an all-round better door.
You also know the cost price of these popular bifolds and may be left scratching your head as to how your competition can offer them so cheaply. This is again an inevitable issue when products become popular and mainstream.

  • Are you losing sales to your competitors on price not quality?
  • Does your competition sell the same system to you?
  • Do you want a better Unique Selling Point for your business?
  • Are you looking to offer your customers a different bifold but don’t know what?

Reynaers Bifolding Doors can help you sell more and regain your USP.

Capital Windows manufacture a broad range of bifolding doors. We believe the Reynaers CF68 bifolding door is a perfect choice and is superior to AluK and Smarts bifolding doors. Why do we and many in the trade regard Reynaers folding doors as better than AluK BSF 70 or Smarts Visofold doors?

Reynaers has the better brand reputation.

Talk to any door professional about brand credibility or reputation and Reynaers is sure to be mentioned. When it comes to ‘high end’ bifolding doors Reynaers is the name. AluK and Smarts do not have the high end, the brand quality perception of Reynaers. AluK and Smarts are even marketed on many websites as ‘standard’ or ‘trade’ bifolding doors.
A Reynaers door is a luxury, high end door with a quality brand name.

Reynaers folding doors offer more features than AluK and Smarts.

Our Reynaers CF68 bifolding doors offer more features than AluK and Smarts doors. These are features that your customers will want:

Slimmer Sight Lines.

  • Reynaers doors offer slimmer frame and sash sightlines.
  • Reynaers 99mm
  • Smarts Visofold 102.5mm
  • AluK 110mm

At the meeting stiles, Reynaers CF68 bifolding doors are the same as the Visofold 1000 at 131mm. AluK is thicker at 141mm.
For your customer, this means a slimmer bifolding door that provides more glass and less visible frame but in a higher quality bifolding door with kudos.

Create wider doors.

Unlike other systems, Reynaers folding doors can be made with panels of 1200mm wide and up to 3000mm in height. AluK and Smarts cannot be done at these sizes.

Reynaers bifolding doors are more contemporary in appearance.

The rounded profiles of AluK and Smarts doors are different from Reynears doors. Reynaers bifolding doors provide slimline, flat and modern looking doors with aesthetics that homeowners will love.

Four threshold options.

Reynaers bifolds offer you four different threshold option. You can choose a completely flat, a low threshold, a double weathered threshold and even a high-performance version. AluK and Smarts bifolds do not offer this choice.  This means a Reynaers bifolding door can accommodate all types of floor finishes and customer requirements.

Distinctive and desirable door furniture.

AluK and Smarts bifolding doors come with industry standard locks and handles that are not as desirable in appearance. Moreover, Reynaers bifolding doors are instantly recognisable by their bespoke door handles that come in a choice of styles as well as their new Purity designer range.
Reynaers doors offer a unique look for a bifolding door with handles that your customers will prefer.

Reynaers bifolding doors have a superior slide and fold action.

The smooth operation of a bifolding door is down to the quality of the running gear and the hardware.
Reynaers CF68 bifolding doors use the finest quality hardware that makes these doors effortless and better in how they slide and fold than AluK or Smarts.

Want to sell a better bifolding door? Contact us.

When it comes to trade supply commercial doors, at Capital Windows we know there is a huge amount of choice. Capital Windows has been at the forefront of aluminium manufacturing for over 40 years. We have seen the trade supply and general home improvement market change.
There are now over 30 bifolding door systems to choose from, not including different variants of the same aluminium systems. So contact us today for great prices and impressive lead times on the luxury Reynaers bifolding door.