Comparing Reynaers Sliding Doors to Smarts and AluK

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Resource Centre

The residential aluminium market is buoyant and healthy. Bifolding doors and sliding doors are enjoying continued growth as homeowners and the home improvement industry benefits from the advantages of large span doors.

A byproduct from the popularity of aluminium is also a growing demand for luxury sliding doors.

Comparing the Reynaers CP130, AluK BSC70 and Smarts Visoglide sliding doors.

There are many quality aluminium sliding doors on the market. As an installer, you will know that many trade supply sliding doors on the market meet the required industry standards for quality of materials, security and weather performance standards as well as the quality of paint finish. There is no ‘bad’ product on the market.
AluK BSF70 sliding doors and Smarts Visoglide sliding doors are high-quality products offering consistent sight lines, high performance and versatility. However, when it comes to the requirement for a high end or luxury sliding door, an architect, door installer or designer will often look at alternative brands and systems.
As good as these well known and good selling doors are by Aluk and Smarts, there are sliding doors such as the Reynaers CP130 sliding door that professional aluminium manufacturers, specifiers and installers regard as superior.

What defines a luxury aluminium sliding door?

Four Pane Reynaers CP130 Door

There are several areas where a sliding door is a better door such as when we compare Reynaers sliding doors to Smarts and AluK.

Product design and engineering.

It is rare for a quality sliding door to fall apart, to fail, to offer a bad user experience. Modern design, fabrication procedures and quality of components means doors are built to last. Reynaers sliding doors are a very high quality sliding door. AluK and Smarts sliding doors are also well made.

Reynaers are one systems company that like to go the extra mile. Their doors offer superior engineering at the core of the product.

  • Reynaers doors have a more sophisticated assembly.
  • Reynears sliding doors provide a more intricate design.
  • Reynaers doors have more design options than AluK or Smarts
  • Reynaers sliding door handles are superb quality; they look the part.
  • Reynears sliding mechanisms are better engineered
  • Reynears doors can be made larger, wider and taller
  • Interlocks are stronger and slimmer
  • Seals and gaskets are more sophisticated

Brand Name and reputation.

When it comes to the market perception of what is a high-end aluminium system, Reynaers will be cited as one of the top names alongside other premium aluminium systems.
With a history spanning more than 50 years and with a global presence in the premium aluminium market and the provision of doors for bespoke, high end and luxury property, Reynaers has an established reputation.
It is not just Capital Windows offering luxury doors that are not AluK or Smarts. Look at other successful trade fabricators in the UK, providing a luxury sliding alongside their typical product offerings. You will not see the AluK or Smarts sliding door offered as the premium system; it will be a system such as Reynaers.

Reynaers sliding doors are desirable.

Reynaers sliding doors provide your business with a more exclusive sliding door, not subjected to the price constraints of the mainstream systems such as Aluk or Smarts. Choose a Reynaers sliding door and you can benefit from:

  • Less competition. Most people sell AluK and Smarts. Reynaers are more exclusive.
  • Fewer price concerns. A Reynaers sliding door offers stability in prices and has a real market value.
  • AluK and Smarts sliding doors are sold by trade counters as ‘budget’ or ‘trade’ sliding doors. Reynaers sliding doors are not.
  • Reynaers sliding doors help you secure the most ambitious residential projects. These types of projects and testimonials benefit your business.
  • Customers looking for quality over cost choose Reynaers sliding doors.

Reynaers sliding doors are the sliding door of the discerning customer.

Our high quality, affordable and superior Reynaers CP130 sliding doors are designed to help you meet the growing consumer demand for a more sophisticated, better engineered and more exclusive sliding door.
You will benefit from a huge colour choice, the most advanced handles and running gear, a selection of four threshold options, superior coating and finishing and flexible design choices.

Think you cannot afford a premium bifolding door? Contact Capital Windows.

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