Frequently Asked Questions about Reynaers sliding doors.

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Resource Centre

As homeowners move towards a more contemporary appearance in the home, doors are required to not only be slim, robust and reliable but also to offer the right aesthetics. The Reynaers CP130 door offers a complete solution for anyone looking for a class leading aluminium sliding door.
Reynaers sliding doors are an advanced aluminium sliding door with a host of features and specifications.
We know there are a huge choice of sliding doors on the market. Here we answer some of the most common questions about the Reynaers CP130 sliding door.

What is the CP130 Reynaers Sliding door?

CP130 refers to Concept Patio® 130. It is a highly insulated sliding door in thermally broken aluminium with an additional lift and slide feature.Reynaers Aluminium

What opening options are possible with the Reynaers Sliding Door?

One of the advantages of the Reynaers product is its flexibility in how the leaves slide. There is a choice of four possible combinations. Monorail, Duo Rail, 3-Rail or Multi Rail.
Monorail can be used in a traditional inline sliding door arrangement. The door is typically used on a two or three pane sliding door. It contains a sliding element as well as the fixed element. One feature of the Reynaers Monorail arrangement is the location of the fixed pane.
On most other sliding door systems the fixed panel is located on the inside of the frame. The Reynaers sliding door offers a feature whereby the fixed element can be positioned on the outside as well. This is advantageous where large glass panels can only be glazed from the outside due to accessibility inside the property or for doors installed on upper floors.
Duo Rail offers two, three and four panel sliding door arrangement. The aesthetics of the sliding and fixed elements remain the same. In addition you can create sliding doors were more than one leaf can slide in different directions.
Reynaers doors with the 3-Rail arrangement offer even more flexibility. This is for three panel sliding doors whereby two of the three panels are required to slide behind the fixed pane. A further option exists for two leaves to slide to the right and one to the left or vica versa.
The Multi-Rail arrangement allows for even greater flexibility where banks of sliding doors need to be created across large elevations. The outer frame can be expanded to accommodate two up to 8 rails for the most demanding types of door designs.

Is a low threshold option available for sliding doors?

Reynaers CP130 sliding doors are available with a low threshold option that is ideal in commercial buildings. It is also suitable residentially where accessibility is part of the design or required. In addition the choice of threshold options enables flush floor integration.

Why is a lift and slide sliding door better?

Lift and slide patio doors have not always enjoyed the best reputation. This was largely due to PVCu doors and inferior hardware. The Reynaers CP130 sliding door provides a highly reliable lift and slide door where many other systems avoid this feature.
Reynaers doors feature lift and slide gear of the very best quality. Not only are durable wheels and stainless steel rails used, but the system also offers advanced operation with ease of use. The Reynaers lift and slide patio door is suitable for residential or commercial applications and is one of the smoothest opening doors currently on the market.
All types of CP 130 sliding doors feature a lift and slide system that raises even the heaviest door leaf before sliding. It then slides across its respective rail to the fully open position. In the closed position, the sliding panel is anchored into position before being locked shut. At the same time it provides a high performance hermetic seal as well as making the door highly secure.

Can I have a a sliding door that recesses into a wall?

Yes. They Reynaers sliding door is available with a ‘modular pocket solution’. This enables up to 8 sliding panels to be completely slid into a wall. The result is better than a bifold as as door panels are hidden from view when open with no visible doors.
This hidden feature of a sliding door going into a pocket can be made even better by powder coating the doors to the same colour as the external/internal walls. Reynaers sliding doors offer a complete solution for those seeking a sliding door that recesses into a wall and in a lift and slide product as well.

How large can sliding panels be made on a patio door?

Sliding panels can be provided up to 2700mm high and a maximum sliding weight of 300kg.

What are the profile dimensions of the Reynaers CP130 sliding door?

Reynaers sliding doors offer all the advantages of slim yet robust aluminium. The outer frame with a monorail track is only 139mm making it ideal for replacement door applications. The sliding sashes are 59mm deep and 94mm high. Interlocks are 69mm or 98mm depending on the configuration.

What else should I know about the Reynaers sliding doors?

Reynaers doors are designed and extruded by one of the best known systems companies the world over. If you’re looking for a high end door that is unlike any of the mainstream systems, we recommend the Reynaers product.
It offers impressive aesthetics, huge colour choice, advanced locks and handles as well as class leading weather performance and security.
Capital Windows are established aluminium manufacturers for over 40 years. We provide only the very best aluminium systems of which Reynaers is just one. Contact us for further information on the Reynaers CP130 lift and slide door range.