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by | Sep 29, 2015 | Homeowner Advice

Take a close look at your home and how you use it.  How often do you open your windows and doors.  It is quite likely that your front door is the most often used door in the home.  Consider how many times you open and close your main door? With so much diversity in houses all over the London and surrounding areas some homes will only have the one door, others will have side and rear doors.  Terraced houses are one good example where the front door will be used far more often than side doors in larger houses that are often used as entrances into the home.

From the latest in contemporary doors to traditional looking entrances, we have a comprehensive range of products.

From the latest in contemporary doors to traditional looking entrances, we have a comprehensive range of products.

Our front doors are required to look good, provide a safe and secure home as well as adding character and value.
At Capital Windows, the supply and installation of new front doors is one of our specialities.  This is why we offer you a choice of front doors whether you are looking for the most affordable door or a premium door that can add a different dimension to your home.   This is why we offer you entrance doors for the home in a choice of materials.  Each has it’s own features and benefits.

Why you have a huge choice of replacement front doors today.

Modern technology, advances in manufacturing methods, new materials and expertise all work together to give you more choice than ever before.  There has also been a shift from more traditional looking doors to contemporary doors with bolder hardware and designs.  Your choice of door will of course depend on your own property and your own design aspirations.  What is good news is that you have never had better choice.

Aluminium Doors

You may not instantly consider an aluminium door, but these offer you advantages.  Aluminium doors can be made wider and taller than many PVCu and composite doors.  Therefore where many other doors require toplights and sidelights to accommodate your door opening, an aluminium door may be the best solution if you are looking for a larger door than normal.
Another advantage or aluminium doors is that they are not made of pre-designed slabs and skins like composite doors.  The availability of mullions and transoms in various sizes means you can actually create your own bespoke door.  Combine your design with clever use of acid etched, sandblasted or patterned glass and you can have a totally individual front door – bespoke in fact.
Contact us and we can help you design your own door and one that will complement your aluminium windows, sliding doors and folding doors.

Composite Doors

The composite door without doubt a best selling product.  It offers a huge choice of designs, a massive selection of hardware and glass options and provides a cost effective yet durable and long lasting solution. Composite doors today are very secure, have excellent thermal efficiency and are affordable as well.
A composite door will be ideal for most customers and property types. If you are replacing an old timber door but wish to retain the original appearance with none of the maintenance, composite doors are ideal here.  The huge choice of glass patterns, locking types, numerals, spy holes, letter plates and door knockers all work together to make composite doors great for your home.

PVCu Doors.

Despite the popularity of composite doors, PVCu doors are an affordable option for many.  We are often contacted by budget conscious landlords as one example who are looking to renovate their rental property and simply want a secure door that will make their property lettable and attractive but in keeping with their budget and without having to spend more than is necessary for a rental property.  Capital  Windows provide a choice of PVCu doors whether they are required as front doors, side doors or back doors.
Despite their affordability, there is no compromise on quality, security or style options with pvcu doors.  PVCu doors have improved substantially over  recent years and can now provide a great door for any property.

Let us help you choose your ideal front door.

As your door specialists, Capital Windows offer a wide variety of door options in a choice of materials.  So whether you simply what a new door, or you are creating a new porch contact us for a free consultation and no obligation quotation.