How long does it take to install aluminium double glazing, and what is the installation process like? 

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

If you’re thinking about aluminium double glazing for your home, you might like to know more about the installation process. If so, read on to find out how we do it here at Capital Windows.
How long does installing aluminium double glazing take?
It depends on the complexity of the project. The more complex the project, the longer it will take. We will always advise you on how long we estimate the project will take from the start, so you can plan your schedule accordingly. Aluminium Windows Fitted by Capital Windows Uxbridge

About our installation teams
We are very proud of our installation teams. They are highly skilled and trained in installing aluminium double glazing so you can be sure of excellent workmanship. They are friendly and professional and take great pride in their work. You can also be sure they will treat your home with respect with a professional white glove service, and always leave it as clean and tidy as they found it.

 Before the installation team arrives
We recommend that you remove curtains and blinds from the windows that are being replaced. It is also a good idea to move pieces of furniture and ornaments away from the windows. Your installation team will work carefully and respectfully at all times, but moving precious objects out of the way minimises the risk of damage when they are fitting your new windows.

When your installation team arrives
The first thing your installation team does when they arrive is check your new aluminium double glazing matches the order requirements and your window apertures. They will also give each new window a final quality check to ensure there has been no damage in transit from our manufacturing facility to your home.

These final checks help to ensure that the rest of the installation process will run smoothly. The team will then move room by room – normally starting at the top of your home, removing and replacing windows one by one. This helps to maintain security at all times as well as minimise heat loss and draughts in your home.

Removing the existing window
For each window, our first step will be to remove the existing window and prepare the aperture for the new window. We will take your old windows away and dispose of them responsibly, recycling as much of the material as possible.

Installing your new aluminium window frame Aluminium Window Frame
The next step is to install the new aluminium window frame.
Your installation team will ensure the frame is fitted perfectly and securely within the aperture. They take great care with this process because it helps to extend the lifespan of the window and ensures all opening elements will work perfectly. It also maximises the thermal efficiency and weather proofing benefits of your windows.

Glazing your new aluminium window
Once the new aluminium frame is in place, the next step is to install the double glazing unit in the frame and secure it in place.
This completes the installation of your aluminium double glazed window, but there are a few more steps your installation team needs to carry out.

Checking your new aluminium double glazing
Once each window is installed, your installation team will check it carefully to ensure everything has been fitted perfectly. When they are satisfied that it meets our stringent quality standards, they will tidy up the area.

Your new aluminium double glazing
Before your installation team leaves your home, they will show you how your aluminium double glazing operates, including how to lock and unlock the window. If a window is an emergency escape window they will show you how this works. They will also leave you with operating and maintenance instructions for your new windows.

Find out more
We hope you’ve found this introduction to installing aluminium double glazing helpful. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about aluminium double glazing for your home, please get in touch.