Letting the outside in

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Case Studies, Homeowner Advice

With Spring now here and the thoughts of warmer sunny days and lighter evenings within touching distance, there’s not too much that beats the feel-good factor of open living space. The option of fresh air when you need it to open up your garden and your home is tantalising and nothing delivers better than a bifold door.

While it is easy to see the appeal of bifold doors, there are some elements you need to consider before installing them into your home. In this article, we will discuss some key considerations for you to make an informed choice that’s right for you and right for your home.

Delivering natural light:

At their heart, bifold doors not only fill your home with natural light, but effortlessly blur the lines between your inside and outside space. This house-to-garden connection is superb in warmer summer months when the doors can be fully or partially opened to enjoy one seamless space. But in dark winter months, the doors also have the ability to bring in much needed light to maximise any natural light flow while protecting your home from the harshest of winter elements.

Essentially, bifold doors are made up of multiple glass door leaves that neatly fold back on themselves in order to open up an entire door aperture.  For them to work, they are fitted on smooth operational runners and when opened, they simply slide and fold together in one seamless operation.

Material Choice:

The are many bifold doors on the market in a choice of materials. That said, by far the best choice of material for a bifold door is aluminium.

Aesthetically, aluminium bifold doors offer slim sightlines, which allows for a larger glass area to maximise the light source into your home for the ultimate in slimline door aesthetics. For example, our Evoke Aluminium Bifold Doors offer the slimmest sightlines at just 117mm wide. They also offer best-in-class security credentials for complete reassurance and are expertly manufactured to give years of trouble-free use. And because aluminium is an inherently strong material, the bifold doors can be manufactured to support wider apertures too.


Flexible Door Choice:

Our Evoke Slimline Bifold Doors are perfect for any home or building project and are available in a choice of colours to suit your décor and desired tastes. They are also available with a choice of 2-8 panels to create a range of door configurations along with four threshold options and a choice of coordinated hardware to stand out, or integrate seamlessly with your door.

Quality as Standard:

All of our Evoke Slimline Bifold Doors are fitted with high spec, multi-point-locking as standard for your peace of mind. High quality hardware and smooth door runners ensure a reliable door performance for years of trouble-free use. And for energy efficient compliance, our Evoke Slimline Bifold Doors are Part L Compliant (Building Regulations) for thermal efficiency and can achieve a U-Value (the rate of transfer of heat through a structure) of just 0.9W/M²K (the better-insulated a structure is, the lower the U-value will be).

Expertly manufactured:

Our Evoke Slimline Bifold Doors are bespoke manufactured by the experienced manufacturing team at Capital Windows. For over 40-years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and fitting the latest generation of innovative, technically advanced windows and doors for home improvement projects.  We offer a tailored white-glove service throughout every stage of the process from initial contact through to after-sales support.

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