Are you looking for Monarch Aluminium Windows?

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Resource Centre

Capital Windows have been manufacturing aluminium windows for over 30 years.  One of the most popular aluminium door and window products of their day was the Monarch Aluminium suite of doors and windows. For over 15 years these were a hugely popular product in the domestic home improvement market.

As one of the earliest manufacturers of Monarch windows and doors Capital Windows manufactured and installed this excellent system into many homes in London and the surrounding areas. These are still performing well to this day and a huge number number of residential properties large and small were improved by this excellent door and window range.
The Monarch aluminium range of windows included Monaframe Windows, Monaframe patio doors and Monaframe Entrance doors. There was also a great range of Monaframe Conservatories.

Monarch Aluminium Windows and doors are discontinued. What is the alternative?

The Monarch Aluminium Monaframe window and door range was discontinued several years ago. Changes in building regulations meant that a more thermally efficient product was required and one to meet the latest window energy ratings of A, B or C.
Whilst this Monaframe suite is no longer available, there is an alternative.
At Capital Windows we manufacture the SAPA Crown range of windows and doors. These are the replacements for Monarch Aluminium Windows.
Whilst not identical in every respect they are the closest match to them and introduced by the same systems company. In the suite you’ll find a range of square and profiled outer frames, flat and profiled vent sections and many other profiles. In addition you’ll find a range of slimline odd and equal leg sections that are designed for new windows into existing hardwood or stone surrounds.large monoframe patio doors
You’ll find the SAPA Crown System aesthetically and visually similar to the old Monarch Aluminium window system. In addition you’ll find enhanced locking, high quality powder coated finish and good window energy ratings. It is very much an enhanced and up to the minute window product.

SAPA Crown offer the ideal solution for Monarch Windows.

The Monarch Monaframe range of windows being such a great seller and very popular amongst aluminium windows means people are still looking for this product.
There are homeowners that perhaps only replaced windows to the front of their homes and are now looking to add similar windows to the rear. SAPA Crown windows and doors provide a solution.
Alternatively there may be homeowners who improved the entire property with Monaframe windows and doors and are now looking to add an extension to their property. Again SAPA Crown windows and doors can help.
In the SAPA Crown range of products you’ll find casement windows, entrance doors and sliding patio doors.

SAPA Crown Windows offer great design, security and efficiency.

So if you currently have Monarch Monaframe Windows and Doors installed in your home what can you do if you require new or additional windows?
Whether you’re a homeowner looking for additional windows or an installer looking for alternatives to Monaframe Windows contact us and we can help.
We can provide details, information and prices on the latest generation SAPA Crown Windows that can provide a solution for adding or replacing old Monaframe Windows. In addition, at Capital Windows we offer a range of other up to the minute door and window products including contemporary doors, bifolding doors and sliding doors.