Capital Windows have a huge amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to windows and doors.  Here we offer you the benefit of this experience if you are experiencing problems.

Low Maintenance Windows & Doors

Modern double glazing is designed for long service life and to provide homeowners with low maintenance windows and doors.  We provide only the very best replacement windows and doors to give you many years of reliable and trouble free service.

Take Care Of Your Windows & Doors

Whilst windows and doors are low maintenance they are not maintenance free. Periodic  cleaning, adjustment and care is needed to keep your windows looking good and performing reliably for many years to come. Doors are of course opened more frequently than windows.  Therefore thresholds or tracks need to be clean and free of debris or obstructions as one example.

In our experience, many of the issues you may experience with your windows are down to hinges, window stays, glass units, locks or handles. Adjusting opening leaves and sashes is also able to fix many problems if your windows and doors are not opening and closing correctly.

However if your windows and doors require servicing, it is always best to get expert help. Often there are simple reasons why your windows or doors may not be working as they should. Even on older windows you often don’t need to replace them with new windows as some other companies may suggest. If replacement parts are still available for older double glazing you can extend their life by replacing these and not having to go to the expense of new windows and doors.

Let Us Help You Look After Your Windows & Doors

If you have a problem with your windows and doors, contact us in the first instance for help and advice.  Whilst all reputable and profession window companies will offer you long guarantees on their products, this guarantee often does not cover the customer if windows are not maintained correctly.

We offer our customers a cost effective and recommended servicing package.  We can take care of the routine maintenance and adjustment that may be needed on your windows and doors with an annual or flexible service plan.

This ensures that;

  • you have an expert window company taking care of your products.
  • peace of mind with windows and doors giving trouble free operation.
  • retains your customer guarantee.

Established in 1979, Capital Windows Ltd provide the biggest choice of home improvement products from the leading names and systems companies.