Should I choose aluminium bifold doors or sliding doors?

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Aluminium bifold doors and aluminium sliding doors are one of the most sought-after features in today’s homes.  Both doors create beautiful expanses of glass that transform living spaces and flood rooms with natural light.  However, the main differences when it comes to choosing aluminium bifolds verses sliding doors for your home are important to consider from both a practical and stylish point of view. To make sure you making the right decision on the door that is right for your home, this guide will help you decide.

The advantages and disadvantages of aluminium bifold doors

There is no doubt that aluminium bifold doors are the aspirational choice. They often take centre stage in home makeover programmes and give a sophisticated designer touch to any home.
When closed, they give you a beautiful glazed wall with slim, elegant frames. When open, they seamlessly connect the inside and outside for a glamorous lifestyle feel like no other door style.
They are very flexible in terms of their configuration. For example, the panels can fold in or out and you can choose whether the main opening panel sits on the left, the right or in the middle.
Despite all the advantages and the surge in domestic popularity, aluminium bifold doors are not always the right choice for every home. Sadly, the British climate means you might not be able to have the doors fully open as often as you’d like. You should also consider the size of your space. Bifold doors can take up additional space when they are open, so if space is at a premium, they might not be suitable for you.
Bifold doors involve complex operating mechanisms that need to be manufactured and fitted carefully for years of trouble-free use.  Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier with a strong track record so you can be sure you’ll have a high-quality door installation.
The team at Capital Windows are experienced manufacturers of aluminium bifold doors. We work with leading aluminium designers renowned for their high-performing products bringing the best in bifold design to our customers.
So, if you want to be able to fully open your doors and have a seamless transition from the inside to the outside, then aluminium bifold doors are the right choice for your home.

The advantages and disadvantages of aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors are a sleek, understated door design that lets the glass take centre stage.
It’s worth bearing in mind that the panels on aluminium sliding doors can be wider than the panels on aluminium bifolding doors too. This means that when they’re closed, aluminium sliding doors will have a cleaner, crisper look that places all the emphasis on the view of your outdoor space with clear, uninterrupted glass expanses.
They are also a very sensible choice given the British weather. At least one panel is fixed, giving you the perfect compromise between indoor-outdoor living and you can choose how wide to open the sliding panels to control the airflow into your home.
They are invaluable where space is tight because the panels slide back on each other, so they don’t take up excess space when open.
Sliding patio doors are a classic style of door that don’t always have the glamorous reputation of bifold doors. But the slim, elegant frames of an aluminium sliding patio doors create a truly contemporary finish that will enhance any home and because they can fit wider apertures too, they make a great design statement.
The best aluminium sliding doors use highly engineered tracks to ensure they slide open effortlessly. To secure this quality, it is vital to choose a reputable supplier that takes pride in its materials and workmanship.  We have b
een manufacturing and fitting aluminium sliding doors for many years so you can be sure you are working with the experts.
So, if you want to reduce the amount of frame and maximise glass sizes, making the most of your outside view, then aluminium sliding doors are the answer.

The beauty of aluminium bifold doors and aluminium sliding doorsopen bifold door

Whether you choose aluminium bifold doors or aluminium sliding doors, you’ll be making a great choice that should add value to your home. Aluminium is a strong, secure, beautiful material with a long lifespan – the perfect material for these types of doors. You’ll have a wide range of colours to choose from too, so the frames can blend in or stand out depending on the look you want to achieve.
And when you choose Capital Windows to manufacture and fit your aluminium doors, you’ll be choosing a company with a reassuring reputation for quality at every level.