The very latest in contemporary sliding doors

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Capital Windows Trade offer the sophisticated CP130 sliding door from Reynaers.
The Concept Patio® or CP 130 is a latest generation sliding door designed by one of the leading aluminium systems company in the world.
As homeowners move towards more contemporary extensions with large glass panels, maximum use of light and space so the CP130 Reynaers door is ideal.

A lift and slide aluminium patio door.

Lift and slide patio doors have not always enjoyed the best reputation amongst door and window installers. The main concern with these doors has always been reliability.
The perception with many is that these doors are too complex to install and set up. However the reality with lift and slide patio doors is that they were generally unreliable in PVCu and the hardware was either basic or lacking in quality.Reynaers sliding door.
The Reynaers lift and slide patio door offers the very best in design, engineering and quality hardware. The result is an ultra reliable, easy to operate sliding door. At the same time it offers advanced insulation, high security and stability.
We offer our fabricated aluminium sliding doors in the very best lift and slide design. The doors are lifted before they’re slid across their respective rails. When the door is closed the lift and slide leaf is set down and anchored by the hardware. The result is a highly insulated weatherproof and hermetically sealed door.

Features of Reynaers Lift and Slide doors.

Unlike other systems, our fabricated sliding door offers several advanced features making it ideal as a trade supply patio door in aluminium.

A choice of opening options.

The CP130 door comes in single, double or triple track options.
The single track or Monorail, offers two, three or four panel sliding doors. Two pane doors are designed for one panel to slide behind the fixed pane. Three panel patio doors offer either a centre sliding leaf or the two outer panels as sliding doors. Four panel doors can be designed with the centre panes sliding in opposite directions.
The double track or Doornail offers the user a choice of opening options in two three or four panel sliding doors.
A two pane door can have both leaves sliding and a three pane door also offering either opening centre leaf or outer leaves. The four panel sliding door offers either two central sliding leaves or all four leaves being openable.
The three rail system is perfect for three panel doors where either two or all three panes have the facility to slide.
Such is the flexibility of the Reynaers system that you can multi stack the tracks to create two, right up to 8 possible rails. This is ideal for multi panel doors and where even larger openings need to be created.

Low threshold option.

The low threshold option is a great feature on these patio doors and offers improved accessibility.
This makes the door ideal for creating virtual flush floor arrangements subject to design parameters and limitations on weathering.

Open corner sliding patio doors.

Reynaers are one of only a few systems that offer an open corer arrangement without any fixed corner post of column.
Designed around the Duo Rail variant, the open corner sliding door opens up even more design possibilities with minimal visible aluminium profile.
Therefore for someone interested in open corner doors but doesn’t desire a bifold, this product is ideal.

Pocket sliding doors hidden from view.

Popular in European counties but gaining ever more popularity in the UK is the pocket sliding door.
This innovative features enables up to 8 sliding doors to be recessed into the wall giving a fully open feel to the home without any visible stacked sliding door panels.
For any client looking for the very best in flush aesthetics and concealed open doors it is one of the best solutions on the market.

Technical specification of the Reynaers CP130 Sliding door.

Capital Windows offer the Reynaers sliding door on a fabricated trade supply basis and to meet the highest standards of manufacturing, security and thermal performance.
Each sliding panel is fitted with premium quality rollers and running gear. This enables individual sliding panels of up to 300kg each in weight.
The interlock is also aesthetically pleasing and slim at this critical point of the doors.
Security comes in the form of exclusive Reynaers door furniture and Burglar Resistance Class 2 security.
The CP130 door is ideal for any sliding door requirement. Even if high level doors are required a solution exists whereby the doors can even be externally glazed making installation at high level easy or where the building does not make glazing from the inside possible.

Quality sliding doors from your local aluminium specialist.

Capital Windows have been manufacturing the best aluminium systems for 40 years. Our expertise is second to none and we offer an excellent trade supply service for any installer looking for a reliable, experienced and quality supplier of sliding doors, windows and entrance doors.
We offer this advanced sliding door in a huge choice of colour options with excellent lead times and competitive prices.
Contact us today for a fast quotation and further information.