Tips and advice for bifolding doors.

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Homeowner Advice

Most homeowners looking to renovate or improve their home will quite likely be considering new bifolding doors.  Over recent years, the bifolding door or folding sliding door has become a very sought after product and as part of your overall extension or renovation can add real value to your home.  Even if you already have large patio doors or french doors, there is no reason why you cannot have a bifolding door.

Capital Windows offer a choice of bifolding door products to suit your home, budget and requirements.

Capital Windows offer a choice of bifolding door products to suit your home, budget and requirements.

There is presently a huge choice of bifolding doors available in pvcu, aluminium and timber.  You can even have bifolding doors in a combination of wood and aluminium often called Hybrid.  Here we give you the benefit of our many years experience manufacturing and installing quality and durable bifolding doors and what you should consider with each material.

Should budget govern what bifolding doors you buy?

Every customer has a budget and more so when you are embarking on a renovation project or building a new extension.  With bifolding doors it is best to choose for the best system you can afford.  The complex nature of these products in how they are made and installed will determine how reliable your door is in the longer term.

The PVCu Bifolding Door.

A bifolding door made from PVCu, will always be the cheapest option.  If you simply desire the cheapest possible door, PVCu cannot be bated.  However PVCu brings limitations to products such as folding doors.  Speak to any professional and experienced installer and they will advice you to opt for aluminium every time.  This is because PVCu doors whilst cheaper are prone to expansion, operational issues and importantly are much thicker and chunkier than any other type of material.  PVCu is weaker and therefore needs to be thick to provide integrity and strength.
PVCu doors cannot be made as wide or as tall as aluminium nor can they be offered in the choice of colours that aluminium doors offer.

Aluminium Bifolding Doors

If you are comparing PVCu doors to aluminium, you are not really comparing like for like.  Capital windows offer a choice of Aluminium bifolds each with their own unique features and impressive specifications.  It could be that you are looking for an ultra slim door and here our Schuco product is perfect.
For an affordable door in aluminium and one that will give you many years of reliable service and enjoyment our AluK doors are one of the best on the market. All our doors utilise the very best in hardware, locking systems and running gear. As aluminium doors are thinner and stronger than PVCu, so the hardware is equally slimmer and discreet.  Look at any PVCu door and you will instantly notice bulky hinges and more obtrusive hardware. Talk to us and we can help you further.

What to consider with bifolding door leaves. How many bifolding door leaves are best?

Even if you have a small structural opening or if you are replacing old french doors, there is no reason why you cannot have a bifolding door.  We offer our doors from two leaves right up to 7  or more.  How many door leaves you have will depend on the size of the opening your new doors will be going into.
Talk to us and we can advise you further on how many door leaves are best for you and how your doors should slide.
If your new bifolding door is your only method of access to your garden or patio it is recommended you consider these with an “access leaf”.
This is normally on the one side of a set of doors and enables just one leaf to open like a normal swing door – useful for taking out the rubbish, letting out a pet or simply going in and out without having to slide all the doors back.

Our help and advice is free.

We have been installing bifolding doors into local homes as well as supplying the trade markets for over 30 years.  Contact us to to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise and let Capital Windows help you choose the perfect bifolding door for your home.
We can help you choose the right bifolding door for you home, tastes and budget. Contact us for free help and advice and a no obligation free quotation.