Evoke Flush Aluminium Windows

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The Slimmest Sightlines On The Market

The aluminium system with the slimmest sightlines on the market The Evoke flush range, it’s designed for high performance and to be simple to install.

Evoke Aluminium Systems

It provides solutions for the typical problems trade installers face with other aluminium systems. No need for onsite scaffolding, it’s quick to glaze and with the unique reverse butt joint option eliminating the need for dummy sashes or adaptors, you can maintain internal glazing with more affordable designs.

The system is 30% slimmer than its main competitors*, delivering the best sightlines for the bright, light look everyone wants. It can reach WERs of Band A+ and has aesthetics that are at home in both contemporary and traditional properties. It is secure, low maintenance and more sustainable.

Evoke Flush Frame

Less frame, more light – Evoke’s frames are 30% slimmer than those of the closest competitor. Based on an internally-glazed GGF standard window, with Evoke, there’s an extra 12% glass area.

Swift installation – Flat rebates are easy to maintain and can save a couple of minutes per sash when fitting glazing packers. Evoke’s frames also have a flat back that’s easier to pack when you’re on site.

Reduced cost, reduced waste – Evoke uses approximately 30% less aluminium than comparable systems. It’s therefore more affordable, more
sustainable and less likely to generate waste.

Cleaner lines and adaptable style – The Evoke flush range has clean lines and the option of a genuine fully-flush casement. It has a contemporary style that also works with more traditional architecture. With a 36mm cill that replicates timber, it’s also ideal for conservation areas.

Thermal performance – Strong aluminium sections allow large glazed areas, while advanced thermal break technology ensures no compromise on insulation. Evoke flush can reach a WER of Band A+ and U-values of 1.2W/m2K with triple glazing.

More integration – Evoke is also compatible with PVC-U cills and trims.

Faster Installation

  • Evoke uses knock-in beads, without wedge gaskets, glazing is faster
  • Flat, easy-clean rebates make glazing packers easy to fit
  • Frames are flat backed, so easier to pack during installation
  • Internal glazing as standard avoids the need for scaffolding
  • Thresholds can be replaced without disturbing the doorframe
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Evoke flush window frame


  • Side-hung sash – max 700mm x 1300mm
  • Top-hung sash – max 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Sightline: (frame to vent) 75mm
  • Sightline: (vent to mullion) 93mm
  • Sightline: (fix light) 36mm
  • Sightline thickness: 28mm – 44mm


  • WER up to Band A+ with triple glazing
  • U-values as low as 1.1W/m2K
  • Meets Building Regulations without foams or polyamides
  • 40mm and 45mm polyamide thermal breaks to compensate for larger sightline
Evoke 70 Flush Casement Window

Evoke 70 Fully Flush Casement Window

A true, interior and exterior, fully-flush design that makes the most of Evoke’s ultra-slim styling. The advantage of the reverse butt joint allows frames of almost any layout to be made without the complexity or expense of dummy sashes or adaptors.

Cross section window diagram

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