What aluminium doors do we sell?

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Aluminium is a naturally strong material making it an ideal choice for entrance doors, back doors as well as bifold, French and sliding patio doors. Aluminium doors are manufactured with a strong, slim frame which gives a larger glass area and a truly modern finish. Because the frames have a high strength to weight ratio, they can support larger panes of glass to transform living spaces and flood rooms with natural light without compromising on durability.

So, what aluminium doors do we sell and fit here at Capital Windows? – read on to discover more:

Aluminium bifold doors


aluminium bifold doors are a superb lifestyle choice – a fantastic glass wall that opens up to connect the inside and outside perfectly.

Bifold doors are a series of framed glass panes that are connected with a hinge. The panes’ sit in an innovative tracking system that is set into the top and bottom of the door frame. To open the doors, the panes simply fold back on one another and slide along its tracking system. It should be a smooth, quiet, effortless operation.

Bifold doors typically have anywhere between one and seven panes. You don’t always have to open all the panes. Usually, one of the end panes can act as an independent door. This means if you just want to pop outside for a moment, you don’t have to open all the panes to do so. You can also choose whether the open panels sit outside your home or inside it.

In choosing aluminium bifold doors it is important to select a company that understands this complex product, how it is manufactured and importantly, how it is installed in the home.

The team at Capital Windows are experienced manufacturers and fitters of aluminium bifold doors. We work with leading aluminium designers renowned for their high-performing products bringing the best in bifold design to our customers.

Aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors are a sleek, understated door design that lets the glass take centre stage. The doors sit neatly within the frame and does not project outwards or inwards like a hinged door. The versatility of a sliding patio doors is an attractive proposition as they can be used on the rear of a home to simply blur the line between the home and garden.  And are equally at home as an internal room divider too.

The stand out feature of  Aluminium sliding doors is the enhanced natural light they deliver. While, of course, the primary purpose of Aluminium sliding doors is to allow the homeowner to enter and exit their property easily, the majority of doors feature large floor to ceiling panes of glass which are ideal for allowing natural light to pour into your home with uninterrupted glass expanses.

They are also a very sensible choice given the British weather. At least one panel is fixed, giving you the perfect compromise between indoor-outdoor living and you can choose how wide to open the sliding panels to control the airflow into your home.

They are invaluable where space is tight because the panels slide back on each other, so they don’t take up excess space when open.

Aluminium sliding doors are a classic style of door that don’t always have the glamorous reputation of bifold doors. But the slim, elegant frames of Aluminium sliding doors create a truly contemporary finish that will enhance any home.

The best Aluminium sliding doors use highly engineered tracks to ensure they slide open effortlessly. To secure this quality, it is vital to choose a reputable supplier that takes pride in its materials and workmanship. We have been manufacturing and fitting Aluminium sliding doors for many years so you can be sure you are working with the experts.

Aluminium Residential Doors

When it comes to aluminium residential doors such as entrance doors and French doors, we offer a large range of high-performance options. Combining all the latest advances in aluminium technology, our doors are both reliable and most importantly secure.

With a range of colour options and styles, your doors will be designed to suit all types of properties.

You’re in safe hands:

All of our aluminium doors are manufactured in our Uxbridge factory. We have a highly skilled team of people who all take pride in their work. Because we manufacture all our products ourselves, we have complete control over the quality so we always know we are fitting the best doors in your home.

Having over 40 years’ experience, we know how to create and install skilfully crafted doors that have been installed throughout the UK in private homes, developments and light commercial buildings.

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