What is better? Double Glazing or Triple Glazing?

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Homeowner Advice

Should you consider triple glazing? The use of triple glazed units is not a new thing as this type of glass unit has been available in Europe, Canada and Scandinavian counties for several years already.
The fitting of triple glazed units is now available on most types of new windows and doors, but do you need it and should you consider it?

Should you consider triple glazing?

If you are presently in the market for new windows or doors, choose your window company with care.

Triple Glazing is now widely available, but is it right for your home?

The use of triple glazed units is the next step in helping improve Window Energy Ratings, U Values and Thermal Performance of windows and doors. Triple glazing when used with the right frames can enhance your windows.
Old single glazed windows have a U Value of between 5 and 5 Wm2K. Double glazing using modern glass with low coating, argon gas fill and warm edge spacer bars will typically give you a U Value of 1.6, reducing down to 1.3 or even less with some window system. Triple glazing helps these U values go even lower.

How does glass help achieve low U Values?

Glass is the biggest part of any door and window therefore the better insulated the glass, the lower the U values. Window frames also help achieve low U values. PVCu frames will have many internal chambers and aluminium windows will have polyamide thermal breaks.
However some sophisticated double glazed windows can achieve as low a U Value as triple glazing.
Whilst a well insulated window will help reduce energy consumption in the home, it’s important to remember that other factors in the home such as good loft insulation or cavity wall insulation will also play a part. Therefore if you have an older property that needs insulating else where it may be better to address these issues before triple glazed windows.

So what benefits will triple glazing give to a home?

By installing triple glazed windows an doors, you will benefit from a quieter home and improved comfort.
With three pieces of glass in your windows and doors instead of two, your doors will be slightly heavier than normal. Also, as you are looking through an extra piece of glass you may find some distortion as you look through the glass.
Contact us for a free no obligation consultation and we can explain the benefits of triple glazed windows depending on your home and types of windows. We will be happy to help and give you more information.