What is Secured By Design?

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Homeowner Advice

One of the reasons people look to replace either existing windows and doors is to improve security in the home.  Modern PVCu and aluminium windows are now fitted with advanced multi point locking systems that feature either mushroom type espagnolette locks, shoot bolt locking or a combination of the two.
For any homeowner looking at the specifications of their new windows and doors often they will see that they are Secured By Design tested. So what is Secured by Design and why are so many window systems tested to its standards?

What is Secured by Design?

Secured by Design (SBD) is part of an official Police initiative whereby products have features ‘designed in’ providing security for new and refurbished properties.  Products that are tested to Secured by design standards have security built in. Secured by Design works with the construction and fenestration industry as well as other to create high level security standards.
Furthermore as more knowledge is obtained about crime and its trends, so these standards and principles are adapted to ensure current products as as secure as possible.  Secured by Design also encompasses existing British Standards.  One of these is BS 7950.
Secured by Design is not just about windows and doors. There are a huge number of other products that are tested to SBD and even new housing developments can be designed with SBD in mind such as ensuring new build developments are well planned or well lit.

Windows and doors offering high security.

For windows, there are a great many standards that fall within the scope of Secured by Design. These include:

  • BS 4873:2007/PAS 24:2012
  • BS 7950: 1997
  • BS PAS 23-1: 1999
  • BS PAS 24-1: 2007
  • BS PAS 24-1:2012
  • BS7412/PAS 24:2012
  • BS8529/PAS 24:2012
  • PAS 24
  • PAS 24: 2012
  • STS 204

With each of these standards a whole variety of window and door configurations have been tested such as single and double doors, casement or tilt and turn windows, multi-light windows, bifolding doors and sliding doors.

How are Secured by Design windows and doors tested?

residential-p1-windows-imageA series of attack tests are carried out on windows and doors.  These are intended to test all the vital elements.  The test upon completion will certify that the frame, lock, hardware and overall construction has withstood these timed tests which are based upon commonly known methods of burglary. This is the minimum police requirement for Secured by Design doors and windows.
As a trade supplier at Capital Windows we know end users of windows and doors want the peace of mind that their investment in new windows and doors is a wise one.  As well as energy efficiency, aesthetics and adding value to their homes, security is also a prime consideration.  Therefore these current standards offer homeowners the reassurance that their new windows and doors have been extensively tested to recognised industry standards.
Our aluminium and PVCu systems meet the current recognised standards for material conformity as well as security such as SBD. Contact us today for fast prices and lead times on our range of trade supply windows and doors.