What is the thermal performance of aluminium windows?

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Modern aluminium windows are a great option to increase kerb appeal and are particularly popular in contemporary homes throughout the UK. They have long been the default choice with architects and design-lead properties as the windows offer chic, sleek, contemporary lines and their attractive slimline frames provide a larger glazing area.

Aluminium windows are nothing new in UK’s homes and have been in existence for decades. But thankfully, today’s modern aluminium windows have come a very long way since the 1980’s in terms of aesthetics, colour, security and thermal performance.

Historically, aluminium windows had a reputation for not having very good thermal performance.  But thanks to new technologies and intelligent window design protocols, the thermal performance of today’s modern aluminium windows has been transformed and offer some exceptional advances in window design and credibility.

In this article, we’ll answer the question what is the performance of aluminium windows? We’ll also take a look at our popular Evoke flush aluminium window and its exceptional thermal performance.

But first, let’s look at what we mean when we talk about the thermal performance of aluminium windows.

What do we mean by the thermal performance of aluminium windows – and why does it matter?

Put simply, thermal performance measures how energy efficient your windows are.thermal performance of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows with good thermal performance will help keep your home warmer in winter because they’ll allow less heat to escape. And with the rising costs of energy, keeping the heat in your home has never been more important. On the flip side, aluminium windows with good thermal performance will help to keep the heat out in summer too so your home is more comfortable all year round.

Thermal performance of all windows, including aluminium windows, is measured in their U-Value. The U-Value is calculated on the rate at which heat transfers through one square metre of a structure. The lower the U-Value is, the better the thermal efficiency is.

If you are replacing windows in an existing property, the new windows must have a U-Value of 1.4 W/(m2K) or less by law and it is important to bear that in mind as it can be a good and useful indication of product quality.

In our opinion, the best aluminium windows on the market are our Evoke Flush Aluminium windows. Evoke features some innovative technological features that offers a step-change in design and performance.

Let’s take a look at them.

What is the thermal performance of Evoke Aluminium windows?

First, the headline. Double glazed Evoke Aluminium Flush Windows have a U-Value of 1.4 W/(m2K). and if you opt for triple glazed versions, the U-Value drops to 0.95W/(m2K).thermal performance of Evoke Aluminium windows

Why are Evoke Aluminium windows so thermally efficient?

Evoke is manufactured from strong aluminium sections which allow large glazed areas. The window profile also includes innovative thermal break technology (a material of low thermal conductivity to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials) which ensures no compromise on insulation. Evoke can reach a WER (window energy rating) of Band A++ and U-values of 0.95W/(m2K). with triple glazing.

Apart from the outstanding thermal efficiency, Evoke Aluminium Windows also offer excellent security for peace of mind and comply with PAS24 security as standard.

Our Evoke Aluminium Windows come in a choice of colours including the popular Signal White, Anthracite Grey and Jet Black. These can be used in combination, so if you want the grey aluminium look outside, but a fresher white appearance inside, with Evoke Aluminium Windows, you can. And we also offer more colours if you would like to personalise the colour of your aluminium window frames to your exacting needs.

The Capital Windows difference

There is no doubt that good quality aluminium windows will improve the thermal performance of your home and add value to your daily life.

Here at Capital Windows, we offer an extensive range of the next generation of aluminium windows, entrance doors, patio doors and bifolding doors. All products are precision manufactured with enhanced security features to add value and peace of mind for your home. extensive range of the next generation of aluminium windows, entrance doors, patio doors and bifolding doors

We have been a specialist designer, supplier and installer of the latest generation, innovative and technologically advanced aluminium window and doors for over 40 years. It means you can trust our knowledge and experience.

We also manufacture all our aluminium window and doors in our own factory in Uxbridge in Middlesex, to give us complete control over the quality and security of the windows and doors we install.

So, if you’re thinking of having thermally-efficient aluminium windows home, we’re always the right choice.