What you should consider with new bifolding doors.

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Homeowner Advice

You may be aware that the bifolding door is a very desirable product today. Most people who are thinking of replacing their old doors or are embarking on building an extension will probably be considering a new bifolding door.
The South of England also enjoys high property prices meaning that many people are choosing to extend their properties rather than selling their home and moving to a larger one. A bifolding door can enhance your home, add value to it as well as providing practical benefits. If you are currently extending your kitchen or living space a bifolding door will enhance these rooms.

What are the right bifolding doors for you?

For bifolding doors let us give you the benefit of our many years experience manufacturing and installing.

For bifolding doors let us give you the benefit of our many years experience manufacturing and installing.

In choosing a new bifolding door, you will have a choice of PVCu, aluminium or timber. There are also hybrid doors available that have a combination of aluminium and wood.
Your budget is obviously important as your new doors need to be affordable. However it is worth considering other factors that you may find are more important than simply how much your new bifolding doors are going to cost.

Aluminium Bifolding Doors

Aluminium bifolds you will find can be made larger than their PVCu counterparts, will be slimmer and stronger. They will cost more than PVCu, but you are not really comparing like for like.
Aluminium as a material is prone to much less thermal expansion than PVCu. All doors and windows no matter what their made from will expand in direct sunlight and heat. But aluminium does this much better. Therefore if you are planning on south facing or exposed door, aluminium may be the better option for you.
It is important to remember that bifolding doors use very complex running gear, hinges and guides to enable doors to swing, slide or fold.
Aluminium will be thinner and stronger therefore uses slimmer hinges than PVCu doors. This means aesthetically aluminium doors may look better, but aesthetics are of course a personal choice.

How many bifolding door leaves are best?

Bifolding doors are available from 2 leaves (for replacing small patio doors or French Doors) up to 7 or 8 leaves. How many door leaves you have will depend on the size of the opening your new doors will be going into.
Talk to us and we can advise you further on how many door leaves are best for you and how your doors should slide.
If your new bifolding door is your only method of access to your garden or patio it is recommended you consider these with an “access leaf”.
This is normally on the one side of a set of doors and enables just one leaf to open like a normal swing door – useful for taking out the rubbish, letting out a pet or simply going in and out without having to slide all the doors back.

Our help and advice is free.

Unlike many other home improvement firms, Capital Windows offer a choice of windows and doors in many different materials. This means we have the knowledge and experience to give you fair and impartial information about what bifolding door material is best for you and not only what we sell.
We can help you choose the right bifolding door for you home, tastes and budget. Contact us for free help and advice and a no obligation free quotation.