Which aluminium windows do you sell and why?

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Aluminium windows have been a popular choice for many years. What was once the default window material of choice in the commercial market or architecturally-designed properties, has now hit the mainstream domestic market.

The reasons for the growth are clear.
By nature, aluminium is a strong and recyclable material. But where aluminium windows really come into their own is the ability to offer slim sightlines. This allows the glass to take centre stage which has proven popular with domestic properties looking to increase their light source into their homes.

As a result of their popularity there are now many aluminium windows on the market so it can be hard to know which ones you should choose. We’ve been in the aluminium window business for over 40 years so we know the best options out there.

We offer a comprehensive range of aluminium window styles so there’s something for every project. If you want to replace existing hardwood or steel subframes, we have the style you need. If you want to replace old metal windows with modern alternatives that have the same slim lines and aesthetics, we have the choices you need. If you’re looking for aluminium windows to complement a sleek, modern home, we have the options you need too.

Here are some of the aluminium windows we sell and why.

Technal.aluminium windows

Technal is one of the largest suppliers of aluminium building systems in Europe. It offers an extensive range of innovative, reliable and aesthetically pleasing aluminium window systems. Technal windows meet the most demanding standards and offer exceptional performance.

Find out more about Technal aluminium windows.

AluK aluminium windows

AluK has been developing aluminium windows and doors specifically for the UK market for more than 25 years. It offers reliable and low maintenance window solutions that improve the living environment and add value to homes. AluK windows deliver great versatility and slimline aesthetics.

Find out more about AluK aluminium windows.

Evoke aluminium windows – the next generation

The latest addition to our range is our Evoke aluminium range.

The first thing you’ll notice about Evoke aluminium windows is how good they look. They look good in homes both new and old, including homes in conservation areas.

Evoke aluminium windows come in two casement window options. There is a standard flush design with a stepped shape internally and a unique fully-flush option, which has flush lines inside and outside.

The frames are up to 30% slimmer which translates to a glass area that’s about 12% bigger. The result is stunningly light, bright rooms with a real wow factor.

Thermal efficiency and security are exceptional too, giving you the peace of mind you need.

But Evoke aluminium windows aren’t just good to look at. They are also intelligently designed with clever features that help us.

For example, they are internally glazed so we don’t need to erect scaffolding to install them. The glazed units are secured in the frames using patented knock-in beading (a first for aluminium windows). They have flat rebates so fitting the glazing packers is much easier. It all means that Evoke windows are much quicker to install than alternatives. We need to spend less time on site and you get a home transformation much more quickly!


Evoke aluminium windows have also been designed with the planet in mind. They use around 30% less aluminium than comparably sized competitor windows. They are therefore more sustainable and less likely to generate waste.


Download our Evoke brochure to find out more about Evoke aluminium windows.

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As experts in aluminium window design and manufacture, we deliver the best the industry has to offer. Each window is bespoke and manufactured to exacting standards in our factory in Uxbridge in Middlesex. We install them in your home with care and attention to detail to give a perfect finish.

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