Why choose aluminium windows?

by | Apr 18, 2021 | Homeowner Advice, Resource Centre

Modern aluminium windows offer superb kerb appeal and are an exceptional choice for a home. Today’s aluminium windows offer chic, sleek, contemporary lines and attractive slimline frames providing a larger glazing area and have been purposely designed to suit all British homes.  Aluminium windows look absolutely stunning in modern homes because their sleek lines perfectly complement today’s design trends. Having said that, the windows are also beautifully understated so they look perfect in heritage settings too.  So, if you are considering aluminium windows for your home, here are just a few of the advantages you’ll see when considering these exceptionally versatile windows.

The style and beauty of aluminium windows

 For many people, it’s the look of aluminium windows that’s the biggest reason to choose them. Aluminium windows have always been a favourite of

architects – and with good reason. They have slim, elegant frames, so they never dominate the look of a home either inside or out.
They come in a wealth of colours too, so you can choose frames that will blend in or stand out. Whichever shade you choose, the best aluminium windows are coated using state-of-the-art processes that mean the colour won’t fade, peel or crack as time goes by. Your windows will be as beautiful as the first day they were installed for many years to come.
Then there are the design options of aluminium windows. From a huge picture window to a bespoke circular window or even a traditional sliding
sash window, aluminium windows can be designed to fit any size of window aperture with every window being precision manufactured for a perfect fit.  You can also have aluminium windows that deliver on today’s popular flush casement design trend taking your window choice to a whole new aesthetic level.  This means that when the window (or sash) is closed, it sits flush within the frame, creating a flat surface on either the outside or on
the inside too.  This unique design has up to 12% more glass area delivering more of the natural light into your home.
Aluminium windows can reflect different eras too. Perhaps you’d like a modern expanse of glass that adds drama to a space. Or perhaps you’d like to evoke art deco design with steel-look panes. With aluminium, both these options – and many more – are possible.

The environmental benefits of aluminium windows

These days, we’re all super-conscious of our environmental impact. The good news is that when you choose aluminium windows for your home, you’re making an environmentally sound decision.

Aluminium is a permanently available resource. It’s also 100% recyclable and its qualities never change no matter how many times it’s recycled. Indeed, 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still
in use today, which is an astonishing benefit.
If you remember the thin, draughty aluminium windows of yesteryear, you’ll be pleased to know that those days are long gone. Advances such as
thermal break technology mean that today’s aluminium windows are incredibly thermally efficient.
It means they’ll help to keep your home warmer in winter, so you could save energy – and see lower heating bills. In fact, we can manufacture aluminium windows that can comply with Passivhaus requirements, the leading international low energy design standard.

The practical benefits of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are beautiful and environmentally responsible. They’re also wonderfully easy to live with, making them a very practical choice.

Aluminium is an exceptionally strong material. Combined with market-leading locks, handles and hinges, it means your home and loved ones are safe and secure.
But this strength brings other advantages too. Aluminium isn’t affected by changes in temperature in the way wood and PVC-U are. It means aluminium windows won’t flex, twist, expand or
contract, no matter how high or low the temperature gets. You’ll never struggle to open or close them, so they’ll always be a pleasure to use. But apart from that, this stability helps give them a longer lifespan than alternative materials, so you’ll be making a wise investment.
Then there’s the maintenance. When you choose aluminium windows, you’re choosing windows that are very easy to maintain. There’s certainly no sanding or painting required, so you’ll spend less time maintain them and have more time to do the things you love.

The Capital Windows benefit

Many window companies restrict themselves to one brand of window option. At Capital Windows we don’t. We offer a range of different aluminium windows so you’ll have a choice no matter what your style, home or budget. Whichever aluminium windows you choose, they will be precision-made to order at our manufacturing facility in Uxbridge and fitted by our team of experts.
So, if you’re choosing aluminium windows for your home, it makes good sense to choose an aluminium window specialist – Capital Windows.