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by | Mar 31, 2015 | Homeowner Advice

If you are presently looking for a supplier of new windows and doors, it is important to choose your supplier carefully.  There are over 12000 window companies in the UK therefore customers today have a lot of choice.  How can you choose the right supplier of windows and doors for your home?

Choose your window company with care

If you are presently in the market for new windows or doors, choose your window company with care.

If you are presently in the market for new windows or doors, choose your window company with care.

Many of the window companies in high streets and locally only offer a limited product range.  Many choose only to offer standard PVCu windows and standard composite entrance doors.  However every property is different and replacing your windows with the wrong product could affect the appearance of your home and it’s future appeal if you come to sell it.
There are many different types of properties in the UK such as traditional cottages, heritage homes, houses in conservation areas, art deco homes and those with sliding sash windows.  All of these different types of houses call for a specific window.  Many have had standard double glazing installed often compromising on it’s kerb appeal.
If you are currently looking at buying new windows here are our recommendation on what to look for.

A wide product range.

It is important that when researching your window company you deal with one that offers a large product range.  This will enable them to accurately explain the differences the various material such as aluminium and PVCu.  A wide product range also ensures you get the right product for your home.
For example, you may need a new front door but want the profiles to match your windows, you may have heritage or traditional looking windows and wish to replicate their appearance.  Choosing a window company with a wide range of products will benefit you.

Experience is key

Choose a window company with experience across a wide range of products and installations and this will benefit your own home.  Where many window company only specialise in one kind of product they can often not know complexities of specialist products.  A window is not just a window.
Choosing an experienced window company and one that can demonstrate the quality of their work, their trading history and local installations will give you confidence that they too will work well for you.

Does your window company manufacture?

Choosing a window company that manufactures as well as installs is a benefit.  The supply chain in doors and windows is diverse and often windows and doors can come from a number of sources.  A window company that manufacturers its own products is less reliant upon external suppliers and can have better control on quality, timescales and is better placed to act faster if you need changes made or replacement parts.
Capital Windows have been serving the local area for over three decades.  We have thousands of satisfied customers and offer what we consider to be the most comprehensive range of windows and doors in the area.  Even if you’re just looking and researching and not sure what is right for you, contact us for free advice and help.